ChoCho taking care of our skin with love


We live in a very hectic world, with too many tasks to perform, a situation that leaves us little time for our care, both physical and mental, but today we will talk about taking care of the largest organ we have and the one that we take care of the least “the skin”.

We will learn about Alejandra Delagneau’s project, a woman who realize since her adolescence that she is allergic to most chemicals in skin care products, decided to look for 100% natural alternatives to take care of herself and thus her business was born.

Today she produces exfoliants, oils and deodorants, all 100% natural based on coconut oil, all of these products under the ChoCho brand. She offers peppermint scrub, coffee scrub, peppermint deodorant, coconut-coffee oil and coconut oil, which have been widely accepted in their presentations from 50 grams at an affordable price.

All these products offer great properties such as: removing dead cells, antioxidant, combat cellulite, moisturize, rinse, disinfect among others, depending on the product to choose, always listening to the recommendations provided by Delagneau to make a more effective use.

If you want to know more about these products and their benefits, do not hesitate to contact Alejandra Delagneau at Whatsapp 70638661 and without a doubt you will not regret it.