The “ZONAS ACTIM” program began in 2020 at unexpected times for society because it forced all of us to make changes in order to move forward. As students, we also had to make changes to continue our education.
This matter is highly important to us, because with the new reality we did not know how we were going to continue studying without going to the physical institution.
During this hard times, the organization, the program, the teachers, and the volunteers tried the best of them. And we as students can not be more grateful, thanks to the program each student get a laptop, during the time of the program. I met my classmates virtually because we have to respect health rules. It was surprising to meet my colleagues by video call since I have never seen them in person. Technology has been an awesome instrument for us. Thanks to technology it has been possible to continue taking classes by video call, I have gotten to know my classmates more, and we have worked together on homework and it is interesting to share moments with them because I also learn a lot from them when they participate in class. I’ll never forget this experience.