Business Intelligence – INA


The national learning institute every day seeks to encourage more people to be trained in a technical career and thus have the tools to apply for better jobs, thus lowering poverty rates with the help of education. Being that one of its main missions. It is obvious that it is not an easy task to accomplish and the goal will not be reached overnight, however, every day the INA seeks to cover ethical terrain. It currently has many effective and very easy-to-use tools, and one of them is the “train yourself for employment” platform. This platform has a number of complementary and technical courses, including 9 diploma courses focused on different purposes that have a high demand in the labor market.

One of these diplomas is Business Intelligence which develops technical-professional skills related to the identification of processes, collection, processing, analysis, and exploitation of large volumes of data from the company’s information systems through the use of specialized software and the integration of technical solutions that favor their growth to favor decision-making.