A musician from Carpio


Music has an important role in the everyday life of many people, for example, recreation, distraction, inspiration, or mood enhancement and for me, it’s very important to bring to you, all the people that play an essential role in my music world.

In this case, I want to present to you a musician from Carpio. Currently, he is part of the ACTIM Zones Program, as well as part of the ACTIM Choir project. His name is Melkin Ibarra, and he considers himself as a creative, resilient, and good faith person. He doesn’t have a favorite word because he believes that there are a lot of words that we can use, instead of choosing one.

Interview part:

When did you know that you wanted to make music?

When I was 16 years old, I started to like music. During my childhood, my father tried to teach me how to play the guitar but it was until I became a teenager that I did. on my own.

Which was the first instrument that you started to play? 

In the beginning, I tried to learn how to play the drums, this was in a church that I used to visit, but I failed. Then I tried to learn how to play the guitar and the piano, and it was better for me, I finally decided to focus on the guitar.

Are you currently part of a project? 

Currently, I’m part of the ACTIM Choir, which is a community project that is part of the ACTIM Zones Program, where I sing and sometimes, I help playing the guitar or the ukulele; there is another project in collaboration with my neighbors and my older brother, we’re creating a band.

What kind of obstacles have you found until now and how have you confronted them?

Each day in the music world is very difficult, constantly you’re overcoming different challenges. I think that the most important challenge is to be constant and don’t lose your main objective.

Have you written songs? 

Yes, I have. I wrote songs years ago. I like to write songs about feelings and different situations that we live in every day. Sometimes I sing about love, loneliness, and happiness. I don’t want to sing about a specific situation, I want to sing about what being human is.

What advice would you like to tell those people who want to become a musician?

Be constant, never give up, and look for help, there will always be someone willing to help you.