Montessori- Buenas Nuevas para los niños de la Carpio.


The Montessori method is distinguished by providing a prepared environment: orderly, aesthetic, simple, and real where each element has its reason for being in the development of children.

The number of private MONTESSORI learning centers here in Costa Rica is growing all the time. Fortunately in La Carpio, the first public Montessori center was opened for the children of this settlement who do not have the necessary resources to pay. This centre is located in the Cueva de luz “SIFAIS”.

Montessori La Carpio has three days with three groups of children divided by age because each period of the child’s development has intellectual, physical, and psychological needs that must be worked on individually. The Montessori “teachers” seek to strengthen the children’s independence and organize the environment for the children so that they develop a more “structured” mind, so to speak.
The Montessori guides are “local teachers” trained with international teachers who gave them an intensive one-year course to give the children quality teaching. All these thanks to AMI International of San Diego California and they were given a scholarship.

Joven bachiller de 28 años de edad, vecina de la 4ta parada La Carpio, estudiante de ZONA ACTIM. Tengo tres hijas pequeñas, me gusta cocinar, cuidar el medio ambiente, reciclar y vivir el día a día.