A person who never gives up


Alicia is a young woman, mother of two children, a 10 and 8 year old, and housewife. Seeing how difficult it was to find a job, she decided to graduate from high school and expand her knowledge through different programs, one of them being + Competences, an online platform of Accenture that GAN Costa Rica manages and facilitates to different vulnerable populations. Nevertheless, she has a really delicate health condition called Lupus, which is a autoimmune disease where your body’s immune system attacks your own tissues and organs. Because of her health, she had to be admitted to the hospital, and as a result of that environment and her autoimmune disease, she caught two deadly bacterias that took her to the edge of death. Even in these hazardous conditions, the days that she was able to take the +Competences, she joined the sessions and passed the courses from the hospital bed.

According to her, the opportunity “to take these courses on digital literacy and soft skills has been of great help, and have taught us not only skills for the workplace but also how to grow as a person.” In addition, the courses and the sessions of +Competences have given her entrepreneurship and customer service skills, more confidence in her abilities, to seize the advantages of technology and the will to start learning a new language.

Right now, she’s focusing on finishing other training and continuing the Zonas ACTIM program from Sifais, the organization that received GAN Costa Rica’s +Competences sessions. At the moment, Alicia’s goal “is to continue studying, to grow as a person, and also to get a good job so that we can have a better life and give my children more opportunities, perhaps even a home of their own, and also fulfill my dream, which is to study psychology”.

«Me gustaria fomentar una comunidad positiva y en el crecimiento económico de nuestro vecindario». Soy estudiante en Técnico en Sistemas Informáticos, me encanta ser sociable,amable y me gusta apoyar el bien social. En mis tiempos libres me gusta cantar y practicar con el piano.